Technical Queries

If you have any technical problems (e.g. with login), please use the purple speech bubble in the lower right corner of this page. Our helpdesk will be happy to assist you Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 17:00 SAST


We look forward to welcoming you to the congress!  Please check your email for the link to the event platform.

Please note that this event will consist of two main programmes – the Keynote Programme and Submitted Talk Programme. The KEYNOTE PROGRAMME will be accessed through a link to ZOOM WEBINAR (provided on the event platform) and will be LIVE. 

All SUBMITTED talks will be available ON-DEMAND when logged into the Event Platform (from 16 June.). Those talks are categorized under “Saturday” BUT will be available from Wednesday to view  ON DEMAND.  Though it is pre-recorded you can still pose questions to the speakers on the event platform – speakers will be encouraged to visit the page and answer questions so you can check back for any responses.


View a short video on how to use the platform here 

We are using Eventee as event platform and you will have to be logged into the event platform to access the various Zoom live rooms or on-demand sessions. You can access the event through your web browser or through a mobile event app.

IMPORTANT:  The event will be locked for access only to registered attendees.  If required – the acces

code to the event is:  0621



DESKTOP USERS:  Viewing from your web browser: Access the event from this page

After clicking on the above link, please click on “Join event”  You then need to register on the Event platform as a USER.  Use your full name, surname and the email address you used to register for the event (unknown users would be removed from event).  You have to create your own personal password to use the Event application. Please save it or make a note of it.


MOBILE USERS:  Viewing from the Eventee app: To download the mobile app, please use the following links: For Android (Google Play Store) click here For Apple (App Store) click here.

The same procedure to register as user, as stated above would apply.

IMPORTANT:  You need to complete your profile as soon as you log in as any unknown attendees will be ejected from the platform.  The event will be locked with an access code (provided by email) 



DESKTOP USERS:   You can return to the event at any time by the “Go to event”-link above, or via the link on the website with instructions: “using-event-platform”, from where you can reach the event via the “Go To Platform”-link, at the bottom of the page

MOBILE USERS:  After downloading the app, follow this link from your mobile phone

Go to AGENDA, and then click the live session, and after that they can “Join Zoom” to get in to the talks.

The on-demand sessions will be available to view at any time, and can be found under “Saturday” in the Agenda.

You can now also select “Agenda” (on the bottom panel for the app and on the left hand for the web browser) and select the session you would like to attend, building your own agenda. 



Please go to the event platform and access it before 16 June 2021 when the event starts.  You can reach out to us before the event starts for assistance at  During the event, there will be live chat available. Use the chat button on the website if you require assistance (not the chat in the zoom room)



Please note that in order to view any webinar with a live video stream, you need a good internet connection.  The actual data consumption in each session will vary based on several factors eg . if there are 4 speakers in a grid layout sending simultaneous video, data consumption in the different modes will be 0,5 GB per hour. 



Are the features the same on the web and mobile versions?

The web version mirrors the features of the mobile version.

Can I use the app without Internet connection?

You can  review your programme offline and once your phone appears online, the content synchronises automatically .Features that require an active internet session are Networking, links in the Custom menu and joining live session.  This will require an active internet connection!

Which Browsers and Operating Systems are supported?

The Eventee WEB application supports all major browsers and operating systems

The Eventee MOBILE application is supported on all major systems and brands. We deliver our application for Android and iOS, with support of the current version of the OS. We also provide at least one version of backward compatibility. In the case of iOS we currently support iOS 12, 13 and 14.


Go directly to Registration page

Go directly to Login page



Click on the register button at the bottom of the Login page. If you have already registered, you may fill in your login details to gain access
Fill in the required details to register for the platform.