Speaker Guidelines

  1. ZOOM LINK TO PARTICIPATE AS SPEAKER:   A Zoom Link to use for your session as Speaker/Moderator were provided by email and as calendar invite by Monday.  Please reach out to the moderator of your session if you did not receive it.  They have copies of the links.  IMPORTANT Please update your zoom before the event here
  2. Your agenda for your session can be found on the https://wsv2021.com/programme/ PLEASE NOTE: All times below are in GMT/UTC, to convert to your time zone, you can use the following link:  https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/.   
  3. You can also go to the Event Platform, and see the full programme there in your local times. Here you can also watch other sessions of this conference. To go to the Event Platform, please see point 10 below  https://eventee.co/en/e/world-society-for-virology-conference-7863)
  4. If you are presenting live please be in the room NO LESS than 15 minutes prior to your times slot and live discussion. (Make sure you are using your Speaker link – you will be asked for access to your camera etc)
  5. All questions from the audience will be in writing, under the Q&A button at the bottom of the zoom window, and they can be viewed in real-time during the talks. If desired, you can also choose which questions you want to answer of the ones addressed to you, or let the chairs select & read them for you.   Vetlink or the chairs will tell you when to turn on your video and unmute (both buttons can be found at the bottom bar of the zoom window) when the discussion begins.
  6. If you are presenting live and have not yet done so, you are recommended to send your PowerPoint to us, in ppt or pptx format. This is to minimise delays and computer hassle – in the event of a problem we can then easily share your slides for you. (Please note however that you will then not be able to use your mouse or pointer).
  7. Attached to this email you will find a WSV virtual background for you to use it if you like. You can upload to zoom Read more here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Getting-started-with-Virtual-Background.  Please note that not all computers will allow backgrounds, if you require any assistance you can also contact us.
  8. ATTENDING AS DELEGATE.  Keynote speakers are very welcome to attend all talks of this entire meeting, both live keynotes and the on-demand submitted talks (the latter of which can be found under “Saturday”, but can be viewed whenever during the conference). Please also visit the “Technology showcase”, found under “Wednesday”, to view the sponsor videos. All talks and videos can further be viewed for one month.  To attend other sessions and take full advantage of this conference, you can log in on the Eventee conference platform and join them through the app here https://eventee.co/en/e/world-society-for-virology-conference-7863. You will be asked for a code that you should have received by mail.  You can request it again by going to the help button on the bottom of this webpage.  
  9. Your talk, as well as all other talks will be shown in your local time on the platform and more instructions are available under “Menu” on the left hand panel. After your live session, you can follow the above link to redirect to the platform (this link will also be provided in the chat at the end of the session).
Moderators might introduce speakers at the start of the session, in that case the Moderator will just ask you to join him/her on stage and there will not be a formal introduction before your speaking slot.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us. Vetlink personnel will be present during the entire session and can help if necessary. You can also “chat” with the chairs and Vetlink in private during the session. 
Here on the website there is a purple button (see in the right hand corner “NEED ASSISTANCE” that is a live helpdesk and you can reach out to us here.   In an emergency phone us on +27 12 346 1590 or whatsapp +27 0825756479

Speaker Resources

Instructions: Please select the background for your talk based on your topic. To download the background, please select the image, right click and select “”Save image as…”