Please find below speaker guidelines for pre-recorded talks

Please send us the completed recording through email (for smaller files) or via Google Drive or WeTransfer (for larger ones). Please use the email address

If you require any assistance with your recording, please reach out to us at


  • Please ensure you have a good source of light on your face – from the front (not from the side or backlighted)
  • To make the talks look consistent, please have a plain, light-coloured background.
  • Check the quality of your device’s camera and microphone.  An external microphone and an external camera is preferable  (your phone camera can be used if we pre-record)
  • Avoid wearing stripes or other patterns on air, if at all possible. Striped clothing may create a weird optical effect called a moire pattern, where competing patterns compete with each other for visual dominance
  • Use the PowerPoint size 16×9 and ensure that it is according to the organisation specifications (if applicable) to ensure consistency.  Please ensure that the text is big enough (no smaller font than 20) and the images are clear.  Remember that some attendees watch on their mobile devices
  • If you record, preferably use PowerPoint with the camera on (Go to Slide Show – select Record slide show). Please note not all versions have the possibility to include your camera.
  • You can also use Zoom for recording your presentation. To record on Zoom, select share screen to show your powerpoint, switch on your camera and start your recording. Make sure you select “active speaker view” before recording your presentation.
  • You are also welcom to use other platforms such as Canva, Prezi, or Loom.
  • Look straight at the camera to create a connection with participants
  • Your head and shoulders should be visible.
  • The camera should be eye hight – if needed put your laptop on a stack of books to get the camera level with your face.
  • Please send us the completed recording through email, Google Drive, or via WeTransfer. Please use the email address